About Me

WELCOME to my World Wide Web!

OMG, where do I start? For me, it began in 1952. Today I am a lucky 70-year-old Husband to a wife, Father to six children, and Grandfather to fourteen grandchildren. My achievements, you ask? There are many, and when I have the time to add them, I will make every effort to do so right here!

Baby boomer (often shortened to boomers)

Born to Edward and Ruth Staniek, I was a typical American 50s Boomer child. Those were the days! Aside from my shenanigans and being a troublemaker, I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood. In grade school, I was a terrible student. I had no use for the school and its authorities and paid a stiff price with the paddle in the principal’s office more times than I want to remember. And then, too, once I got home. It was those such instances that ultimately kept me in line as I grew older. Plenty more to come soon!

This is a picture of me in my sister's baby buggy. I fit in it pretty well!